Customer Service

General Terms of Sales

1. Any order is irrevocable, whether there was or wasn't payment of an installment. ECOWARE Ltd. reserves the right to refuse an order without justification. ECOWARE cannot be responsible for being unable to carry out an order in the event of force for example, in an out-of-stock condition.


2. Prices of ECOWARE exclude forwarding costs. At the request of the purchaser, ECOWARE can dispatch the products sold to the address indicated by the purchaser. This dispatch is accomplished in expense and with the risks undertaken by the purchaser.


3. Details of delivery are given as an indication and do not bind ECOWARE. The delay of delivery thus does not authorize the purchaser to require the resolution of the sale or damages.


4. Except of a contrary option mentioned on the invoice, the terms of payment are with reception of invoice. Any unpaid invoice within the terms of payment will automatically involve the purchaser to be held to discharge, by way of a penalty clause, 15 percent of the purchase price, with a minimum amount of 100 €.


5. The property of sold products will be delivered only after integral payment from the agreed price and the sums possibly due under the terms of the preceding product. In the event of non-payment of the invoice in its term, ECOWARE can consider, automatically to cancel the sale, and this by a simple registered letter.


6. Any complaint concerning the invoices and the goods must be addressed in writing within eight days of their reception. The introduction of a complaint does not under any circumstances exempt the customer of his/her obligations of payment.


7. ECOWARE reserves the right to invoice an administrative cost.


8. Only the general conditions of sale are applicable.


9. The acceptance of an exchange bill does not involve novation of debt, so that the present conditions remain completely applicable. All the costs related are supported by the customer and are payable by cash.


10. Any exemption from the present general conditions is subjected to our express agreement and writing.